True Colors
Team Building Workshop

Building a high performance team is not an easy task.  Some wise person once defined teamwork as “an unnatural act performed by two or more non-consenting adults”. 

How can individuals with different needs, strengths, values, motivations, and perspectives, come together to accomplish a major goal that promotes the organization’s mission in an effective and efficient manner?  The answer just might be in understanding, appreciating and learning how to celebrate these differences.

In this exciting, interactive True Colors Team Building workshop, the participants will learn how to help improve performance by enhancing unity, appreciating differences, and developing teamwork. Team mates will learn how to leverage other people’s skills and natural talents to work together and communicate efficiently to accomplish goals.

This True Colors Team Building workshop will unlock the potential and release the power of your team.  This program will provide the information and tools to produce high performance teams that celebrate individual contributions, avoid or quickly resolve team stress and conflict, and achieve outstanding results. 

True Colors Team Building Workshop Length:

Half (1/2) day or a full day options, the full day True Colors Team Building Workshops allow for more exercises and group work.

True Colors Team Building Workshop Agenda:

Discovering your True Colors as a Team Member
Expressing your True Colors at Work
Understanding Teamwork Building the Dream Team Increasing Team Performance Closure

Additional Agenda for Full Day True Colors Team Building Workshop:

Team Building Activities:
  • Team Energy: Do my teammate’s colors shine outward or inward?
  • Team Conflict & Connections
  • Pumping Up…Becoming a Full Spectrum Team

  • True Colors Workshop Materials:

    True Colors Handy Guide to TEAMWORK All participants of the True Colors Team Building Workshop will receive a copy of "Handy Guide to TEAMWORK" which contains information on:
    • Identifying Teammates True Colors
    • Relating to Teammates True Colors
    • What Stresses other Teammates
    • Stengths of other Teammates True Colors
    • To Keep Them on the Team ...
    All participants of the True Colors Team Building workshop will also receive handouts during the session.

    True Colors Team Building Workshop Locations:

    True Colors Team Building workshop locations should provide conditions conducive to openness and learning. Due to the nature of the content of the True Colors Workshop, participants are required to explore their deeper views and beliefs and to engage in a high level of self-disclosure. The ideal setting is one in which,

    We can help arrange the meeting for your location or work with you to select an appropriate offsite meeting location.

    Note: offsite locations may result in additional costs.

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