Excellence Team Workshop

The Excellence Zone™ is where all three parts of the mind come together and an individual is taking maximum advantage of their Natural Abilities. This zone is where an individual does their best work. They do it quickly and often they discount its significance. However, their teammates are amazed at the results.

This workshop is designed for project teams that must deliver the results.

Excellence Zone - Key Benefits:

All of our seminars are memorable learning experiences that are fun, and provide easy to use techniques, and are guaranteed to involve the participants; the information will stick with them afterwards and provide long-lasting beneficial results!

Length: 1 day (Best option 4 - 1/2 day sessions)



True Colors
  • Overview and review of the personal True Colors

  • Overview and review personal reports and the Kolbe concepts

Personal Excellence Zone

  • Defining the personal Excellence Zones
  • Combining the Communication Styles
  • What each person brings to the team in terms of Natural Abilities

Excellence Zone Filter

Excellence Team
(focus here is to overcome the challenges the team is currently facing)

  • Review of the Team Reports
    • Team Strengths
    • Team Blind spots
  • Communicating as a Excellence Team
  • Functioning as a Excellence Team
Wrap upmoving forward


  • Team Excellence Report
  • Personal Excellence Zone Report
    • Individual Energy Amplifier Report
    • Individual Kolbe A Index Report
    • Individual True Colors Report
  • True Colors – Keys to Personal Success
  • Presentation notes 
Excellence Zone
Prerequisites: Prior to the workshop all attendees complete their Kolbe A Index and True Colors Assessment.


Team Building Workshop locations and conditions should be conducive to openness and learning are important considerations. Due to the nature of the content, participants are required to explore their deeper views and beliefs and to engage in a high level of self-disclosure. The ideal setting is one in which,

We can arrange the session for your location or work with you to select an offsite location.

Note: offsite locations may result in additional costs.

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